Questions by Stephan2019-02-04
plans for a ND2901 successor?
It is already a while ago since you have discontinued the ND2901 without offering a replacement of similar functionality, size, weight, and price but with faster SD copy speed.
All you current products ply in a different league and I don't consider them as replacements.
Before I go and look out for an alternative I wanted to see whether you have any plans for a ND2901 replacement in the foreseeable future?

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Answer by NextoDI2019-02-07
Thank you for your interest on Nexto.
We are preparing for the successor of ND series(Photo line up) now and it will be released at April 2019.
Supports SD UHS2 with actual copy speed 250MB/s.
Detailed will be announced before 5th April(Start date of NAB) through our web page.

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