Questions by hvaccaro2007-09-23
Mac OSX.4.10 and problems with the Java Firmware updater
I have a Macbook pro and I am running the latest version of Os X and I can not get the oxford uploader to startup at all. I get the following Uploader error message:

Error loading Library.
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Users/hav/Desktop/Oxford-Uploader/libwin_uploader_dll.jnilib:
Looking in:

It appears that a link is missing to open the java? Is that correct.

Thanks, Hank

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Answer by NextoDI2007-09-27
Firmware uploader has 2 version. One is for windows, the other is for MAC.
Please download MAC version
Answer by hvaccaro2007-09-27
Give me a break, of course I downloaded the MAC version! It worked great on my Ti powerbook but when I updated to the Mac Book Pro it no longer works (see above)! Unfortunately, I no longer have the Ti powerbook. -Hank
Answer by Tobias2009-08-26
The problem being that the MacBook Pro uses intel processor and the PowerBook uses a PowerPC and the library file that is in use is for powerpc arch instead of intel so it cant use it.

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