Questions by John2018-10-05
NVS2525 UDF Special - HDD Error (Error Detected in Internal HDD)
The device says Insert External HDD for E-copy or Connect to a PC.

I've used the reset pin and also deleted the main folder off the drive using my mac - though i haven't re-formatted it yet as I want to keep it in UDF.

Firmware is version 1.56 and its displaying 0.0KB in the top left.

Please Help!!

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Answer by NextoDI2018-10-05
That means it is time to change the internal drive.
NVS might detected error on the some of the critical area and issued error.
So back up the stored data, and change the internal drive.
You can format internal drive at the menu of NVS2525.
Also, you can check the internal disk using self test menu at HDD management menu.

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