Questions by Jason Fung2018-07-25
I connected a G Technology Mini-Mag Reader to the CARD READER port of the NVS2801. For RED Minimag 120GB, it will backup ok. For the RED Minimag 240GB, once the NVS turns on, the power will immediately turn off once it tries to read the 240GB minimag.

What happened here?

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Answer by NextoDI2018-07-24
The Minimag MUST be connected to Minimag reader before connecting the reader to NVS2801 through USB cable.
If you see any error code on the LCD, please specify it.
Or, if NVS2801 suddenly turn off when connect miniMag reader(with 240GB minimag added), then that will be the power compatibility issue.
Output current capacity of NVS2801 is limited to 500mA.
Try to apply wall power to the minimag reader.
Also try to apply wall power to NVS2801.

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