Questions by Blake H2018-07-03
NVS2801 "Smart Test" vs. "Full Test"
When we perform a "Smart Test" on this unit we get the prompt "This HDD may have some errors. Please check it again at PC" But when we perform a "HDD Full Test" all sectors indicate OK - Green. Unit seems to be working correctly, but we want to be sure.

How do we determine if we have any issues with this unit or not?

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Answer by NextoDI2018-07-04
Full test actually read full area of the internal disk.
SMART test runs disk internal 'SMART test' procedure according to the ATA standard.

For NVS2801, there are compatibility issue on SMART test with some SSDs including Samsung 850/860 EVO.
The return value of those SSDs are a bit different from what the ATA standard defined value, so NVS2801 indicate 'false' SMART failure.
So if your internal disk is SSD, ignore the SMART test result.

However, if your internal disk is HDD, then more believe the result of SMART test.
HDD internally hide the bad sectors. So there can possibility SMART test fail, but Full test OK.
Recommend changing HDD in this case.

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