Questions by Wong2007-09-22
Request for new Nexto M1 firmware
Hi I just bought a Nexto M1 ND-2325 last week and I have been very satisfied with your product. I currently have the firmware version 1.04 auto installed, which copies all my CF files and deletes the card.

I would really appreciate it if you could release the following in the next firmware for the M1

1. Auto copy: Like auto move, but does not delete the card, it will also sample verify the card automatically after coping.

This only increases the time by 20 seconds for a 2GB card but it also means I do not have to remove the card and reinsert it to do a sample verify. A really good feature for photographers.

2. Please release the full verification feature. I have read the previous post that I would a long time for a full verify, but since I would only do a full verification when I am close to a power supply it will not be a problem.

Thanks and regards,

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Answer by Timskis62007-09-25
However a full verify can take an hour or more depending on the card/camera being copied from. I think this is useless for the majority of users, and only causes headaches for Nexto from customer complaints. Probably the reason why they removed it.
Answer by NextoDI2007-09-27
How nice suggestions!

In fact, now we're making new F/W. It will be released very soon.
We think the new F/W will satisfy your suggestions and more.
Please wait for a while.
Answer by Wong2007-09-30
Thanks, really looking forward to the new firmware


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