Questions by Nick H2018-06-08
NVS2525 UDF Special reports P2 card as "Unknown Device"
I have a Nexto DI NVS2525 UDF special which is used to back up P2 cards. Sometimes, after inserting a P2 card, the Nexto recognises the card as a P2 card, but then reports the card as "Unkown Device". Removing and re-inserting the card sometimes gets the card recognised correctly. This happens with different P2 cards and the cards are recognised correctly in the cameras and other Nexto devices.

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Answer by NextoDI2018-06-09
There are two possibility.
1. The P2 adapter gets wrong.
2. The SxS connector of NVS2525 becoming wrong.

We have very few problem on SxS connector, so mostly the problem of P2 adapter.
Please check carefully about the pins of P2 adapter.
Sometimes those pin bents and make the adapter not work.
You can simply straiten it to make it work again.

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