Questions by svanted2018-04-12
lost and corrupt files
we have a nexto di as a card storage on a travel to brasil last month.
when they came home they had lost files and also corrupt files on one of the disks.
from the log file:

mars 23 is two forders created:

CF -> 1017Files/54.1GB -> Copy & Verify -> TMP.000 -> 20180323.000.746206 -> Success(88.1MB/s)
but on the drive is 52.8G, missing 2 GB = about 15 minutes missing.

CF -> 89Files/5.9GB -> Copy & Verify -> TMP.000 -> 20180323.001.711931 -> Success(87.1MB/s)
this folder is empty, 6GB is about 40 minutes.

any clue what has happen?

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Answer by NextoDI2018-04-17
Sorry for the late reply with the busy NAB show.

What product are you using?
Please Zip the folder containing LOG folder and send us.

We think both of case is impossible except for the disk infected by 'Virus', we need to know the model and have complete LOG for further check.
And once the data copied, it is impossible to be folder empty.
Please check the folder with 'hidden' ' system' setting enabled.

Also, the size calculation of files differs by the computer.
For example, 164,001 byte size is shown as
164KB at MAC
160KB at Windows

That is because MAC interpret KB as 1000 byte, while windows interpret KB as 1024 byte.

So, in your case (1), Nexto think it is 54.1GB, but if it is divided by (1024), then it becomes 52.8GB = (54.1x1000/1024)GB.
So it will be just matter of interpretation, i.e., not losing data.
If you have any specifically lost file in that case, please specify it too.

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