Questions by Darren2018-04-12
Nexto Extreme 2700 windows driver?
Nexto Extreme 2700 windows driver?

cannot find in the support or download anymore

where to find it

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Answer by NextoDI2018-04-17
WHen connected through USB, ND2700 does not require drive for windows computer.

To connect ND2700 to computer,
1. Power up ND2700.
2. You will see X-copy ready message on the LCD.
3. Then connect USB cable to ND2700.
4. You will see PC <-> USB on the LCD if it is USB connected.
If you using desktop computer, you need to connect ND2700 to the USB connectot located on the back side of computer.
The signal quality of front side USB connector is not good and may not detect ND2700.

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