Questions by CLK2018-04-09
I have a 2730 and am using Windows 10. I want to download the images on the Nexto onto the PC. But the PC does not seem to recognize the Nexto. Is there a way to download the images?

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Answer by NextoDI2018-04-17
To connect ND2730 to the computer, you need to power it up before the connection.
1. Power up ND2730.
2. You will see X-copy ready message on the LCD.
3. Then connect USB cable to ND2730.
4. You will see PC <-> USB on the LCD if it is USB connected.

Even if you see 'PC <-> USB' on the LCD but cannot connect, please check below link for the trouble shooting.

If you don't see ND2730 connected at the windows 'device manager' even if the LCD showing 'PC <->' USB, then that means possible USB cable error or USB connector error.

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