Questions by Robert2018-02-13
NSB 25 does not recognize Angelbird AV Pro MKII SSDs
My NSB 25 does not recognize any of our new 256GB Angelbird AV Pro MKII SSDs.
I tested a Samsung SSD and it worked.
All SSDs were formatted and used in an Atomos Shogun.
My Firmware is 1.34.
Thanks for the help.

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Answer by Service_team2018-02-14
Thank you for the feedback.
We will get the SSD then try to figure out the problem and back to you.
It will need couple weeks.
Answer by NextoDI2018-02-19
We checked with 256GB/512GB Angelbird AV Pro MKII SSD & 1TB AVPTOXT and found no problem.
What is your firmware version?
The most recent firmware version is V1.34.
If you are lower version(specially less than V1.20), please upgrade your firmware.
Answer by Robert2018-02-19
Ok that seems strange.
I have version V1.34 installed. I just installed it again just to be sure.
Is there any special formatting required for the NSB to be able to see the SSDs?
But then we used them in the Atomos Shogun as we always did with other SSDs and never had a problem before.
We have 8SSDs with 256GB each so im really confused.
Answer by NextoDI2018-02-20
Send us the error code or error message when you add the Angelbird SSD.
You can contact us through e-mail.
Answer by Robert2018-08-13
Hey there,

With the new update 1.40 i have the same problem again. I would love to use the new firmware though.
Can you help me out here? Last time you guys made me a special version with a workaround.
Answer by NextoDI2018-08-16
The problem is turn out to be compatibility issue with specific model and limited quantity of SSDs from Angelbird.
We had not included that work around into the official version because the work around limits the way using HDD modules, i.e., recommend adding HDD/SSD before power up NSB-25.
We will be able to send you work around firmware separately.

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