Questions by Matt D2017-12-07
NCB-20 shuts down during batch copy
Our new NCB-20 shuts down whenever we try to do a batch copy. We've tried fewer SD cards and different HDD's, all ExFat. When more than 2 cards are inserted the device automatically shuts down during the Batch copy / analysis phase. When batch copying just 2 cards, the process begins, but the device shuts down sometime thereafter. The SD cards have Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera footage. Is this a known issue? Maybe a faulty device?

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Answer by NextoDI2017-12-07
If one SD card works, it might not be HW problem.
The most recent version firmware is V1.05.
We sent you new firmware, so pls try with it.
Answer by Matt D2017-12-07
The device currently has v1.05 installed. We saw the errors with that firmware
Answer by NextoDI2018-01-24
The problem is caused by file count limit.
NSB-25 cannot accpet file count more than 20,000 files in single memory card.

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