Questions by Thanatham Piriyakarn2007-09-08
Hi, I deciding to buy Nexto Ultra or Nexto M1.
I'm very love Nexto Ultra in color and firewire. I think firewire is necessary because I have a plan to use Nexto Ultra as external drive.

But now, I have Nikon D40x (it's use SD card and this is my main camera.) and Sony V3 (Memory Stick, CF), it's seem I should buy Nexto M1, right?

Please be adviced.

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Answer by Thanatham P.2007-09-08
I'm a mac user, Thank you.
Answer by NextoDI2007-09-10
In your case, though Nexto Ultra is more fast and has IEEE1394, you'd better use M1.
Answer by Thanatham P.2007-09-13
Can Ultra direct connect to download file from camera?
Answer by Gary Warburton2007-09-13
No it cannot
Answer by Phillip Green2007-09-13
You *definitely* want a M1 over an Ultra. The M1 has the OTG funtion you want, along with reading the cards you want, and (at the moment) has better HDD compatibility. It's cheaper (probably) as well.

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