Questions by John2017-11-20
xqd version 1 compatability 2801 using sony pci express adapter
xqd version 1 compatibility 2801 using sony pci express adapter. I have discovered there are different versions of xqd cards a lexar 1110 version 1 seems to have issues with later card readers wouls this be the case using the sony pci express adapter in the nexto 2801.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-11-21
Thank you for using Nexto.
NVS2801 check an ID of XQD card to detect if is XQD card or no.
This ID should be the same for every XQD cards according to the spec.
NVS2801 supports every XQD card from SONY through SONY pci express adapter.
So NVS2801 might support it, but we ar not sure of Lexar 1110 version card because we had not tested it.
Answer by John2017-11-21
Just got and tested cards today lexar version with the sony pci express adapter in the nexto and all works find so good2 know forcothers
Answer by NextoDI2017-11-24
Thank you for your update on compatibility with Lexar cards.
So NVS does not have compatibility issue with Lexar XQD card.
This info will help other customers a lot.

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