Questions by Marlena2017-10-28
SD Card Compatibility w/ ND2730
Hi there!
I'm trying to transfer RAW .cr2 files from a SanDisk Extreme Pro SD card. It's an SDHC II, 280mb/s, 32gb card with 10gb of RAW files on it. The transfer seems to be infinite and literally drains the entire battery without ever actually transferring any files. The transfer screen shows that the transfer is occurring, but the screen almost appears stuck on the transfer page. I've tried a SanDisk Ultra SDHC I 80mb/s 32gb card and that seems to work fine. Is there a compatibility issue with the SDHC II card?

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Answer by NextoDI2017-10-30
It seems the SD communication speed set to slow because of transfer error.
ND2730 was released at 2011 when UHS2 was not available, so it can have compatibility problem with UHS 2 SDxC cards.

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