Questions by Thea2017-10-27
NSB-25 Automatic camera card folder name
We're having a problem with the folder names the NSB-25 gives the card names.
We're shooting 4K on Sony FS7 on XQD cards. The NSB-25 makes a folder for each card (for instance 20171025.000.C_999.787999), and then inside that there's a folder named for instance C_999 and inside that is the card contents. Our problem is that the NSB-25 sometimes gives the same name as a previously backed up card, so we end up with two cards (with different content) with the same name (for instance C_359). This makes the conform in Avid back to the original 4K footage a problem. Is there any way of changing how the NSB-25 names the card folder?

The "folder rename" setting is currently set to off, but as far as I can see from the manual that is only to be able to put a C1-9 in the topmost foldername.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-10-30
The last three digit oif sub folder name is random value, and there are 1/1000 possibility of the same name.
You can use [folder rename] option in this case.
Enable folder rename feature then NSB-25 will ask you chaging the folder name before the copy.
Add your own name(ex. abcde) at there. Then the folder name will be [20171025.000.abcde.787999], also the sub folder name will be set to [abcde].

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