Questions by Eric2017-10-19
ND2901 - Error: 20B0 - No2: 4600
I have been using my ND2901 for a couple of years with only the occasional problem.
For example, the drive has stopped copying an SD card but if I try again it saves everything.
CF works fine but a particular SD card stops when it tries to copy the second file with an error: 20B0 / 4600.
Firmware is v1.51, drive is Samsung SSD which from a "Self test" has just indicated "Zero errors".
Another user has suggested the addition of an option to skip an error with a file and continue to save the rest - is this being considered?
Does my error code indicate a specific problem?
Many thanks and best regards, Eric

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Answer by NextoDI2017-10-23
4600 means there are error communicating with SD card.
That usually happen when there are bad sector on SD card or SD card compatibility issue.
You can check bad sector of SD card at ND2901.
menu -> self test -> full test -> Ext dev
Try doing full test with SD card.

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