Questions by Larissa Av2017-10-03
got the error Message 20B0 1061 while copying data from my SD card (128 GB). The error appears with different cards after about 10 seconds. What's wrong? My NEXTO DI model is ND2370.
I have owned the NEXTO DI for a few years and been working well. All of the sudden, when I try to copy files from a Compact Flash Card, it would stop about after the second file, and show the error message, and shut down. The card sizes varied between 32G and 128G. Model ND 2730. Thank you.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-10-11
1061 means there were error during internal SATA HDD access.
Mostly because of bad sector on the hard drive.
Please run HDD check on the internal disk at ND2730.
You can do that at ND2730 by
menu -> Self test -> Full test

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