Questions by HellyTelly2017-09-21
NVS2801 PLus
I have a new 2801 Olus. 2 questions: 1) Where can I get a CF adapter for this device? 2) When I plug in a CF card reader - it faults "Unknown Device" and shuts down UNLESS you install the CF card in the card reader BEFORE inserting it into the 2801. Can this be fixed in a firmware update please? Thanks.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-09-26
Thank you for using Nexto.
CF adapter is no more available because of discontinue of IC used at CF adapter.
You are right.
To connect USB card reader to USB card reader port, you need to add memory card to that card reader before you connect USB card reader to NVS2801.
Thank you for the suggestion.
I will forward this to our R&D.

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