Questions by John Coyne2017-08-24
Storage Bridge Modular media reader not reading

Our Storage bridge NSB-25 device running Firm ware 1.32 is not reading media cards when we use the modular reader in the 4k slot. The CF slot and the SD slot are functioning as normal.

When we insert a Cfast, SxS or XQD card the removable media square on the touch screen flashes and the device does not read the media.

We have tried to roll back and update the firmware and tried various different modular readers in the 4k slot.

Could this be a hardware issue?

Please advise.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-08-24
If the contact of memory module become dirty, NSB-25 won't operate correctly.
Clean the contact of Memory module using rubber eraser(DO NOT USE WATER or any liquid).
If that does not work, it will probably the problem of HW.
Answer by John Coyne2017-08-28
It looks like we have a HW error. :-(

Would you advise as to how we can get this repaired?
Answer by John Coyne2017-08-28
Would you also let me know where to find the serial?
Answer by NextoDI2017-08-29
Request service at

The serial number is inside the Setup menu. If you go into setup, you can find serial number at the last line.

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