Questions by Nick Smith2017-08-07
Copy SxS card to internal drive & duplicate to an SDHC/XC card?
Hello, is it possible to simultaneously copy from an SxS card, as well as copy that card to a connected SDHC/XC card? I have one client who insists on delivery via SD card, due to their facilities setup. (They are one of the biggest around, so I'm trying to accomodate)

Sadly, my camera, the Sony F5, has no way I can find of recording directly to SD card via any adapter. If your device can do this in the field, I'll buy one right now. :)

Many thanks,


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Answer by NextoDI2017-08-07
We don't have direct copy from SxS card to SD card.
But offer copy already backed up data to SD card.
Do like following using NVS2801+.
1. Copy the SxS card to internal drive first.(Normal Backup)
2. Then got 'preview' menu and select backup folder then copy that backup folder to SD card(We call it Upload to memory card'.
Answer by Nick Smith2017-08-07
That's great, thank you. Just so I understand, you can connect an SDHC/XC card via a reader in the 3.0 USB slot, and it will treat it like an external hard drive, and it will copy the backed up data there? Will that maintain the SxS file structure?

Many thanks for the response.

Answer by NextoDI2017-08-08
Connect the USB card reader with SD card to [Ext HDD] port of NVS2801+ and back up SxS card.
Note that, you need to connect AC power adapter to NVS2801+ to detect USB device connected on [Ext HDD] port.
Then NVS2801+ copy SxS card to both internal drive and the 'USB card reader' connected on [Ext HDD] port.
If you remove internal disk, then NVS2801+ will copy SxS data to the USB card reader connected to [Ext HDD] port.

The folder structure will be maintained, but we make dcata coded folder then copy the SxS card under that folder.
Answer by Nick Smith2017-08-08
That's great, many thanks for the help. :)
Answer by NextoDI2017-08-17

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