Questions by Greg Finchley2007-09-07
CF / SDHC adaptor
I just got a Jobo CFII -> SDHC adaptor. It is the type which does not extend from the CF slot. Unfortunately it does not work with my Nexto OTG device - giving an error "unsupported CF 0x0008" . It works with my camera and PC card reader. I've tried using different SD/SDHC cards with the same results.


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Answer by Greg Finchley2007-09-27
I don't seem to be having much joy with my question. Not to worry, I was thinking maybe I could pop over in person so you could try it for yourselves. As one of your customers, I don't want to abrogate my responsibilities, and am prepared to do my bit to enhance and improve your world class products.
Answer by NextoDI2007-10-01
Sorry for late reply. we're in discussing on this issue. It was so hard to get in here in Korea because it is not sell here.
Please wait for a while and we may let you know the result.
Answer by Greg Finchley2007-10-02
I've also seen the m on ebay (sent from Hong Kong) - try looking at and search for CF SDHC. They seem to be a newish product.
Answer by matrad2007-10-11
I use SDHC sandisk with its adaptor USB and it works very well and very fast

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