Questions by Hugo2017-06-30
Backup a CFAST card with the Nexto ND2901

I´ll go on large travel next september and I´d like to buy a ND2901.

Can I attach a CFAST card reader to the USB port of the 2901 and perform a back up of a Compact FAST card?

Thank you very much.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-06-30
If you add AC power to ND2901, you can connect USB CFast card reader and copy it.
NVS2801+ has built in slot for CFast card.
Answer by Hugo2017-06-30

Ok. It is great!.

I know the 2801 model but its price tag is to high for me.

Thank you for your kindly attention
Answer by NextoDI2017-07-10
Just for your note.
New NCB-20 will come for the replacement fo ND2901 during Aug 2017.
Answer by Stephan2017-08-22
Are you serious about calling the NCB-20 a replacement for the ND2901? From what I've seen about the NCB-20 (e.g. this is a completely different device, i.e. it can not operate autonomously and needs external power and harddisk !?
At least for me this would NOT be a replacement.
Answer by NextoDI2017-08-24
NCB-20 is design in mind on following points.
1. Nowadays, every one have his own USB drive. --> Removed internal disk still supporting copy to two drive(Multi copy) simultaneous.
2. Ther are plenty of USB cheaper USB power bank in the market. --> Removed internal battery and added support of power from USB power bank.

NCB20 is focused on what Nexto can do best.
1. Fast copy speed. --> 300MB/s(max) If used with SSD installed USB drive.
2. Safety --> Support two external USB drive to make two copy simultaneous.
Answer by Stephan2017-08-26
This is very sad to hear. My needs go into exactly the opposite direction. When traveling, especially on small places with a 15kg luggage limit, any additional equipment becomes an issue. I want to take as little items with me as possible, and you'd force me to take more with absolute NOGO for me. If you replace the ND2901 which the NCB-20 I0d need to say goodbye to your devices.
I'd need a device like the ND2901 with internal disk and internal battery, just with faster SD card copy speed. Battery life, form factor and simplicty of the user interface are perfect for me.
I very much hope that you will reconsider your decision!!
Answer by NextoDI2017-08-28
Thank you for your opinion.
We have all built in NVS2801+ which perfectly meets your needs too.
Fast SD card copy speed(100MB/s), Internal Battery, Internal SSD, Longer battery life.
Youy can check here.
Answer by Stephan2017-08-29
this is not quite a replacement
a) almost twice the weight (430g vs. 250g)
b) quite a bit larger form factor (152.4 x 91.4 x 33.0 mm vs. 128 x 77 x 23 mm)
c) significantly more expensive ($1500 vs. $798, 1TB vs 0.5TB SSD)

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