Questions by Walter2017-06-05
[ND2901] CF ERROR, Error Message, No: 20B0, No2: 2063
I am having a lexar 128GB 1066x proffessional card and after using it a while I do get the following error:

Error Message
no: 20B0
no2: 2063

I am at home and when copying the files from the CF card with a card reader I got a message about 1 corrupted file which could not been copied, in windows I could skip this file and copie all others to my computer..

Hope you have a solution for the above two error messages, but otherwise would it possible that when the 2901 sees a corrupted file it will skip this file? When you are on a trip and does not have a computer with you, you cannot check the CF card and have to format or put that card away..

When it skips a file and it is mentioning how many are skipped you can decide to format the card and go further or put card away..

firmware: V1.51

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Answer by NextoDI2017-06-07
Error No.2063 means there are corrupt file which can happen when camera suddenly power gone during the recording.
Thank you for the suggestion, and we will consider it.
Answer by Walter2018-02-02
is it still an idea to get a firmware update to skip corrupted files?

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