Questions by Sonja2017-06-01
Can Nexto read audiofiles, for example .wav?
I am recording audiofiles with my Olympus recorder in .wav format and I am looking for a device to make backups while traveling, so I don't need to take my laptop with me. Can the device read and store these files too? I only know so far that it can be used to backup photos and videos.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-06-01
Every nextodi copies every file inside memory card while maintaining directory structure.
Copying .wav file is no problem.
But nextodi does not have audio decoder for .wav file, so .wav file cannot be play back at nextodi .

Every nextodi supports FAT file system.

Note that, some of old models does not support exFAT formatted memmory card.
Every current model(NSB-25 / NVS2801 / ND2901) supports exFAT.

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