Questions by jayphotoworks2017-05-10
NVS2801 - RedMag
Does NVS2801 support RED Station? It says only NVS 2801 Plus supports.

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Answer by jayphotoworks2017-05-10
If I supply external power to RED Station, will NVS2801 support? My local supplier BH does not carry Plus model..
Answer by NextoDI2017-05-10
Yes. Both NVS2801 & NVS2801+ support it.
Power your RED station via RED AC adapter, and connect it to 'CARD reader' port of NVS2801.
Then NVS2801 will copy it.
But, for RED, we have NSB-25 which support RED mini mag directly through modular memory module.
Answer by Manfred Baulig2017-06-17

we have the NVS2801 and it doesnt work with the Redmag Mini SSD Cardreader. We did as you said and powered everything seperately. Even installed the newest firmware. It just doesnt work. Is there a solution to this problem? We even tried different card Readers.

Answer by NextoDI2017-06-19
If you connect empty reader, NVS2801 will not detect it.
Add RED mini to your RED mini card reader(which is powered by itself), then connect it(USB cable) to NVS2801.
Answer by Manfred baulig2017-06-20
Still not working.
Answer by NextoDI2017-06-23
There are two USB host port on NVS2801.
One for USB card reader and the other for USB external HDD.
take off the bottom side rubber bumper. Then you can see the silk print telling which one is 'CARD READER' port.
You need to connect RED mini reader to that 'CARD READER' port.
Also, be sure to add RED minimag to mini MAG reader before connecting to'CARD READER' port of NVS2801.
Answer by Manfred baulig2017-06-25
I wish I could send u a video here which shows that it just doesn't work. I did all as described. Could it be, cause the redmags are fat32 formatted and in the instruction it says only exfat support?!


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