Questions by MHampton2017-05-09
2730 -> Windows 10 via Firewire 800
I recently upgraded my PC and made sure to have a firewire800 card included to speed up transfers from my 2730. However, when I plug the 2730 into the firewire cable, the 2730 shows connected to teh PC but the computer does not see the drive. When I plug it into a USB port it shows up just fine, but sometimes disconnects. Can you verify that the 2730 works with Windows 10 via the Firewire 800 connector? The 2730 is upgraded to the latest firmware.


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Answer by NextoDI2017-05-11
It seems Windows 7,8,10 has firewire SW driver related issue.
Check here and follow the guide on there.
Answer by MHampton2017-05-16
That almost got it to work. It does show up now in the device manager, but still no access to the drive itself through explorer or disk manager.

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