Questions by Ming Han2017-03-27
ND2901 usage - USB battery pack, USB card reader
I would like to connect a separate USB-powered SSD drive to the 2901 for additional backup purposes.

1) Do I need a laptop to perform this backup procedure? Or can I simply use the 2901 interface to do this?

2) Do I need to connect the AC power to do this?

3) Can I power this procedure using a separate USB battery pack?

Also, I would like to connect a USB card reader in case I need to transfer files from CFast cards to the 2901.

4) Is this doable without a laptop and without AC power?


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Answer by NextoDI2017-05-16
Yes you can do it without computer.
1) Upgrade to latest firmware.
2) Prepare USB power bank with two outlet
3) Powerer your USB drive and ND2901 by the USB power bank separatly.
--> ND2901 can accpet USB cable power from USB power bank
4) Connect CFast card reader to USB host port of ND2901
5) or connect your USB SSD drive to USB host port of ND2901

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