Questions by Robert2017-03-06
NeXtoDi copying whole ssd coming from odyssee
When i wand to copy a ssd coming from the odyssee recording device it wants to copy the whole size of the ssd lets say its 250gb even if there are only 40gb of files on it.

Checking the copied folder on a PC there is an empty folder with 210GB but no files in it.

The ssd has been formated properly but the nextodi doesnt seem to understand that.

Might be an issue wirh names because odyssee has a very strange way to name its folders wirh lots of {}___ symbols.

Hs anyone encounteres something like that?
What can i do?

Greetings Robert

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Answer by nextodi2017-03-06
Thank you for using Nexto.
What is the model name of your Nexto?
And what is the firmware version?

That is related to how Odyssse format the SSD.
When you format your SSD at the Odyssee, it creates hidden dummy files with 4GB size each.
And if you do start record, the recorded files are stored to those pre-created hidden files and changed to normal file.
Depends on the product and version, Nexto copy or not copy those hidden files.
So we need to know your model and firmware version.

Try to check your SSD(or Nexto) at computer with 'Show hidden file' ON.
Answer by Robert2017-09-19
It's an NSB-25 and my Firmware Version is 1.32.
I can see the hidden dummy files on PC, but what can i do about it so my NSB-25 won't copy those?
Answer by NextoDI2017-09-26
Removing Hidden/System files were removed when adding [Update] feature.
To correctly support Convergent design, you need to back to old firmware, i.e., V1.22.
Please send us your e-mail addr via [].
We will send you firmware V1.22.
Please note.
The folder structure is different between your V1.32 & V1.22
We recommend format the drive before backup after you downgrade to V 1.22 firmware.
Answer by Robert2017-11-08
Just if anyone else comes across this problem. Downgrading to Version 1.22 fixed the problem for me.
Answer by NextoDI2017-11-29
This will be fixed at firmware V1.34 which will be released soon.

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