Questions by matrad2007-09-01
the best HDD
what do yuo think abuot Hitachi travel star 5k160 or Seagate momentus 5400.2 or .3?

What's the best?!?!I know hitachi is a very good brand and in my laptop I use 7k100 7200rpm hdd..wonderful

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Answer by NextoDI2007-09-03
We think there is tiny differrence between both two.
Answer by matrad2007-09-04
thank you...I am going to change my samsung 40gb 5400rps with hitachi 5k160 80gb

Answer by Jos2007-10-25
I have the hitachi 5k160 160GB and it works great! Don't no about the seagate and the nexto (had one in my former imagetank and it was nice as well).

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