Questions by plsm58822017-01-09
ND2730 FW upgrade no boot

My ND2730 has the same problem as

I upgraded the firmware as per upgrade instructions, to v2.02, and after the device stated the upgrade was done, it restarted, except it buzzed for about 5 seconds and then turned off. When I try and boot it it turns green, buzzes for about 5 seconds and then turns off.

Nothing appears on the screen.

The above post says it's resolved, but it does not say how it was resolved. Please help.



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Answer by plsm58822017-01-09
It seems from other posts that my ND2730 needs a firmware rebuild, and that you will email it to me. My email is:

Answer by NextoDIO2017-01-10
If you had not removed the internal drive after power up, fragmented [Setup] file can make this situation.
Fragmented setup file can happen if you delete/rename [NEXTOMS] folder at computer.
In that case, we need emergency method which needs memory stick card and CF card and knowledge on computer.
We will contact you separately.

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