Questions by Sam2017-01-02
Disc Format Error message after deleted files.
My ND2901 was getting full, so I connected it to my Mac, which I normal and access files on it without any problem. Then I chose a few folders to delete and once deleted I empty my trash on Mac. Then I put my SD card to copy files to ND and it seemed working okay for and about half-way, it just had error and stop. Then I turned the device back on, it displayed message "Disc Format Error" and asked me to either "Continue" or "Format". I chose continue, but this time I can no longer see the device on my Mac. Then I tried using my PC to connect. My PC installed driver for it and it found device, but do not see it at all in file explorer.

Please advise on how can I access photos and videos I have on the ND, so that I can copy to other harddisk. Then I can reformat my ND.

Thank you.

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Answer by NextoDI2017-01-03
That is quite strange case.
We need to get it and analyze to have correct answer.
We will contact you separatly.
Answer by NextoDI2017-01-06
This was the problem of Internal Hard drive.
ND2901 itself is OK, but the internal WesternDIgital hard drive gone and does not respond correctly.
In this case, you can use data recovery service center.
Following sitre includes link to some of them.,3876-3.html

Hard drive or SSD can fail by many reason as you can see at following site.

Recommend having secondary backup for 100% data safety.

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