Questions by Tom Martin2016-10-26
ND2901 not connecting to Mac or PC
I can't get my ND2901 to mount to my Mac or PC. I have the latest firmware 1.51 and my computers are updated with the latest OS updates. It doesn't show up on the desktop or in Disk Utility. The ND2901 works just find in backing up CF cards, I just can't get the backups off of it. I just bought this Nexto this year. Any ideas?

Yes, there's power to it. The cord works just fine. I tested it with other external hard drives. It connect them and mounts them just fine. THis just started happening out of the blue.

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Answer by NextoDI2016-10-27
Please check the USB connector of ND2901.
Some times, the USB connector broken and it does not mount at computer.
In that case, you need after service.

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