Questions by Boris2016-09-26
Dell Venue 8 7840 doesn't work with ND2901
Dear Sirs,

I enjoy using ND2901 for quite some time and it works very well. However I still have problem with accessing it's content from tablet Dell Venue 8 7840 with Android 5.1.
Once I connect ND2901 Android reports external device empty or with unknown file system. Seems it doesn't work with exFAT.

Is there any way to make this combination work?

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Answer by NextoDI2016-09-29
That is because your pad does not support exFAT.
The file format of ND2901 is exFAT.
Google with 'Dell Venue 8 7840 exFAT', then you will find several users same problem using with exFAT formatted SD cards.
You need to contact Dell for that.
Answer by Boris2016-09-29
Thank you for the quick response, is there any way to use different FS on ND2901 and still have all it's functionality?
Answer by NextoDI2016-09-30
The file system of ND2901 is fixed to exFAT.
We changed from FAT to exFAT to support file size larger than 4GB.

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