Questions by dr_mat2016-08-02
Power port details for ND2901
Can you provide the inner and outer diameters of the power connector that seems to be standard on the ND range? I have a ton of USB power devices easily capable of delivering the required 2A.

I got stranded last week by my ND2901 because it powered down, permanently, while still showing "one bar" remaining on battery capacity during a backup. It refused to power back up or accept any charge via USB until I put it on the mains adapter for a moment which meant it had to wait until I was back home..

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Answer by dr_mat2016-08-02
It could be one of these, if my measurements are about right:

Answer by NextoDI2016-08-03
for DC connector (for AC adapter)
the inner diameter is 1.3 pi.
and the external diameter 3.5 pi.

Thank you
Answer by dr_mat2016-08-04
Many thanks for the info.

I will build a cable and test this.

Answer by dr_mat2016-08-04
By the way, when you say "pi" I assume this is the same as "millimetres".
Answer by NextoDI2016-08-08
the Pi meanse that the circular constant

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