Questions by Eitan2016-05-15
Failure while Syncing and creating a secondary copy to a USB Drive,
I have a Nexto DI ND 2901 which I have used for sometime.
I use an external HDD Transcend storejet 2TB for syncing and creating secondary copy.
So far it worked fine.
But on this latest assignment, it worked for some 10 days and then suddenly, one day I got the consistent following behavior from my unit:
First "parsing" as usual until the last day's sync
Then the following failure message:
USB error
error message
No. 20B0
No2. 1221
Since then I was unable to sync onto my Transcend HDD!
I must underline the fact that my Transcend HDD is not being used for any other task but producing the secondary copy. I have not connected it to any other device.
Now that I am back home, I connected my transcend HDD to my desktop and I get the message: device need formatting, cannot be accessed.
What went wrong?
What to do?
Many thanks for your prompt response,
best regards,

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Answer by NextoDI2016-05-16
please let me know your email address.
or please contact me via email.

Best regards.

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