Questions by Niels Holm2016-03-27
SD read error, error code 8025

Im on vacation in Japan.

I have already used my 2901 a few times to copy files from a 64gbyte sandisk SD.
But today I suddenly cannot copy files anymore.
I get an SD ERROR and error code 8025
The files are from my GoPro camera and are viewable on that camera

Please help me with this error

Best regards
Niels Erik

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Answer by NextoDI2016-03-28
the error is happened caused by defective file system of SD or ND2901.

first, try to back up using another SD meory cards,
if it works, the file system of Sandisk SD is defective.
please copy the all data of SD to PC for safe and then format it.

if the error is always occurred,
the file system of ND2901 could be defective.
please copy all data of ND2901 to PC and then format it.

Best regards

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