Questions by Pequi2016-02-20
ND2901 - Failure 8003
I got this failure when inserting a card with files with too long filenames. Despite that I cannot believe that there are limitations in filename length, even if the fat32- or exfat-filesystem support long filenames, I would like to know, what the maximum filelength support of the ND 2901 is. This limitation is quite annoying, cuz I want to store files not only from my camera... I hope you fix this in a soon updated firmware.


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Answer by Pequi2016-02-20
I got the device delivered with firmware 1.06 and the sdcard with large filenames got recognized. But after updating to the latest firmware version 1.50 from this site, I get the failure described above.
Answer by NextoDI2016-02-22
Many users request us to functionally to upward "Update Copy"
for this, we had to make a limitation of file name length to support both FAT32 and exFAT file system.

from v1.50, the maximum file length is limited 52 characters.


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