Questions by maurizio2016-02-17
problems with nextodi 2901
I have a Nexto Di extreme and when I connenct it whit the USB cable (2.0) and OTP to the camera I can download the photos from the xqd card set into the camera (nikon d4)
Now I buyed a Nexto Di 2901 and it dosn't work at all when I connect it to the camera or whit an other device by USB connection.
I tried to connect the nikon d800 via USB 3.0 (whit OTP USB 3.0) too, but the 2901 doesn't recognize the connection.

When I connect one hard disc to do the backup (with an HD WD 1.000 Gb) I have the same problem: it doesn't work at all. (the 2901 was connect with the power adapter)

What do I have to do ?

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Answer by Maurizio barchi2016-02-19
Please can you answer to my questions ?
Answer by NextoDI2016-02-22
If it shows an error code, please let me know it.
Answer by NextoDI2016-02-22
and additionally, we don't recommend you to connect from ND2901 to Cemare directly.
ND2700 supports it if the camera works as mass storage when it connect via USB cable.

ND2901 is not designed for connecting to Camera directly.

But it has to connect an external HDD, please any error code is shown, please let me know it. I will check it.

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