Questions by Mike Wong2015-12-13
Nexto DI 2900 error when copying SD card
Hi support,

My Nexto DI 2900 (ver1.50 with Samsung 858evo 256GB ssd and external battery) got an error when coping sd card (Toshiba 95mb/s 64GB) using fast copy:

error message:
no: 20B0
no2: 4600

pls advise how to fix.


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Answer by Mike Wong2015-12-13
correction, should be Nexto DI 2901
Answer by NextoDI2015-12-15
the error number 20B0 & 4600 measns that Protocol error of SD connection.

please insert SD tight and retry to copy it.

if the error always occurs, please let me know it.

Thank you.
Answer by Mike Wong2015-12-17
I tried again by inserting SD card tight and but still failed to copy. I then tried switching from ssd (correction, should be Samsung 840 250gb) to hdd (WD WD10JPVX 1tb) and it's ok to copy the same SD card.

pls advise how to fix. thanks.
Answer by NextoDI2015-12-29
if so, please try it with AC adapter.
I will check it.

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