Questions by Frederik2015-10-27
Error No 0x3100E000 unsupported file system / QXD
I have a Nexto NVS 2525 UDF Special with Firmware 1.56
When i enter my XQD Adapter (Sony QDA-EX-1) the Nexto shows "XQD Error No 0x3100E000" Unsupported File System. When I enter the card reader via USB the Nexto does´t realize it.
What´s the problem and what can i do to solve it?

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Answer by NextoDI2015-10-28
there can be two causes.
1. please check which file system used for XQD memory card. NVS2525_UDF only supports FAT32 and UDF file system for memory cards.
if the memory card is formatted as exFAT file system, NVS2525_UDF doesn't support it.

2. if the file system of NVS2525_UDF is damaged, also, the error happened.
first back-up data of NVS2525_UDF and then format it.

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