Questions by Frustrated2015-10-19
"nexto SD Error FIles system NO: 201F remove sd"
I just got a Nexto 500 gig. I put in a 32 Gig Sandisk Extreme, from a BMPCC. I get this error

"nexto SD Error FIles system NO: 201F remove sd"

Also, the profoundly non-intuitive menu has two choices "S" or "L", which corresponds with something the user should do, presumably with a button. However "S" and "L" mean nothing to an English speaker. "L" might mean left, but there is nothing on the left. What on earth do they mean?

Most important, though - why is this brand new device incapable of reading a card from a BMPCC? Should I return it to Amazon, along with a review, or how to fix this error.

Thank you

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Answer by Frustrated2015-10-19
Oh, long and short. Where is Steve Jobs when you need him?

In the meantime, the main thing is - it doesn't seem to be reading the card. TIS
Answer by NextoDI2015-10-21
the error means that the file system of SD memory card is defective.
please format the SD memory using BMPCC, and then retry it.
if it still doesn't work,
please format the SD memory using PC, and then retry it.
Answer by NextoDI2015-10-21
BMPCC uses HFS file system for memory card.
I guess that yours is formatted HFS file system.
please check it.
and ND2901 only support FAT32 and exFAT file system.

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