Questions by Daniel Whelan2015-10-12
Nexto Bridge Samurai Blade
I'm trying to dump from Samurai Blade to Nexto Bridge. It keeps recognising the Blade as a USB external to back up to rather than a drive to ingest from. Can't figure out how to switch it to think of it as a card rather than an external drive. Anyone know how?


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Answer by NextoDI2015-10-15
in case of 2.5inch SSD/HDD, you can back up from them using 2.5inch SSG memory module.
if you connect Samurai balde to USB3.0 Host, NSB-25 recognize the Samurai blade as an external HDD.
NSB-25 doesn't support backing up from an external HDD to internal HDDs.
if you wan to copy from 2.5 inch SSD/HDD,, you have to use the SSD module.


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