Questions by Daniel2015-09-24
NBS -25, Unlock protected drives
Is it possable to unlock a protected Nexto Drive pellet when one is connect to a computer? Essentially I want to batch rename the folders, to conform to our Post workflow protocol before the files are ingested. And I don't seem to have write privileges on the drive

Pleae let me know.

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Answer by NextoDI2015-09-24
NSB-25 makse write-protection when it connected to PC.
But if you use USB3.0 port from Bridge Pellet, you can edit files using PC.

if you can't edit files using connection via USB3.0 of Bridge Pellet, file system of the internal HDD is something wrong,
first you should copy all data to PC or external HDD.
and format HDD
or run file system recovery tool supported from Windows or Mac.

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