Questions by Galip2007-08-21
Nexto 2525 Charging problem

I have a Nexto Ultra 2525 and 3 extra batteries. The problem I am having is it does not charge the batteries.

When connected to the AC and/or battery it works I can load/upload files, I turn it off, it writes bye! on the screen button shows red. But after 3-5 seconds it boots up again and stays on. The same happens when connected to PC and battery and turned off, it boots up again.

The batteries are only charged when the device off but it does not stay off and boots up again, so the batteries are not charged.

What should I do?



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Answer by nextoDI2007-08-22
Please check whether the power is turned off when pressing RESET button.
Answer by galip2007-08-23
The power turns off when the reset button is pressed but turns on the moment I let go the reset button. Tried pressing short/long times with no difference. This is when connected to AC or USB.

When only battery is connected I can turn off with reset button and the main button but then I can not charge the battery.

The moment I connect AC it turns on.

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