Questions by Pukka-J2015-07-27
Unsupported SD card error

I have a Nextodi Extreme ND2700 with the latest firmware.

It seemed to funtion well, untill I bought a new camera, a Fuji x-pro1.
The nextodi won't read the inserted SD and gives the error: Unsupported SD! Code 0x0015.

The card is a new Lexar Professional 633x 64GB SDXC card.

Might that be the problem? Does the reader not support SDXC?

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Answer by NextoDI2015-07-27
SDXC uses exFAT file ststem for own memory card.
But ND2700 doesn't support exFAT file system.

please use SDHC with FAT32 file system.


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