Questions by Olivier DETRY2015-07-03
Multi user Suggestion

I own a ND2901.

It would be nice when downloading from SD or Compact Card to internal hard disk to be able to choose a directory : in case we travel in group, I would be easyer to transfer picture of each of us in our own directory.

The software could detect that there exists directories (in the root) with a name like USER-xxxxx where xxxxx could be a name. When inserting the SD card, the system could ask in which USER-xxxxx it should copy the files.

Now its a mess to check which directories are from which one of us.



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Answer by NextoDI2015-07-06
Thank you for your suggestion.
But we don't support copying to selected directory.
I am sorry for this.

Answer by Olivier DETRY2015-07-09
Do it and make you product more powerfull ;) :) :)

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