Questions by Martin Hahn2015-06-04
ND2901: Update function not working
I use the ND2901 (with firmware 1.04) only for backup of my DNG files of my camera (Leica). I strongly follow your advice given for incremental update. But just now, I've added one picture to an already saved memory card, and tried to update. It didn't work.
Three steps:
1) copy&verify the SD-card
2) made another picture with the Leica
3) plugged the card into the ND2901 again: no update was possible

Could you please explain this to me!

I always save my pictures at the end of each day. I just delete bad pictures before I save the day's work and I never(!) touch the pictures of the day before.

It is realy annoying, because it happens randomly. Sometimes update-function works for 3-4 times, and then suddenly, without any changes in managing the pictures, update won't work. On travel I never use a PC or anything like it. Just the camera an the ND.

The files are big, I can't post them to you. But I checked them, and couldn't find a reason.

I can't relay on the device. My dealer just supported me once, after that I got no reply anymore. Could you give me an advice?


Best regards
Martin Hahn

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Answer by Hahn2015-06-04
PS: I just deleted the one picture I added to the others older pictures (Step 2, see the intro of my question), and plugged the SD card again into the ND2901. Now the ND ask me if I want to Compare, New-Copy or Delete. In other words: the ND recongnizes that the pictures are already copied. But if I add another picture to the old ones, no update is possible. Please, please give me a hint.
Answer by NextoDI2015-06-05
1. if you delete pictures of memory card, ND2901 recognizes the memory card is new, and it supports Copy / copy&verify.
2. also if you delete pictures of memory card, and shoot more images, sometimes ND2901 supports "Update" or sometimes it supports "copy / copy&verify)
this is cased for data safe.
so if you want to use "update", you should not delete some images
Answer by Hahn2015-06-06
Thanks for your reply! But I feel my question is not answered.

ad 1) I've a memory card with pictures on it. All these pictures were already copied to the ND. Now I add a new picture to the card. Sometimes ND won't let me update, only copy/verify, just like a new memory card. But if I delete the newly added picture it will recognise the pictures on the memory card as already copied and offers verify etc. but not copy/verify. Thats the case with my ND. Do you get my problem?

ad 2) I only delete pictures which were not already copied to the ND before. Every evening I use the ND as backup, in other words: at the end of the day, I want to update the new pictures to the old one's on the ND. I never ever touch the pictures shooted the day before, which are already saved to the ND, I only delete bad pictures of the day before(!) I'm going to save them to the ND. This is sometimes working, sometimes not.... why?

Sorry, but I can't see a clue in your answer.
Answer by NextoDI2015-06-08
I am not sure why it works differently.
to know the reason, I have to check the original data of memory card with camera.

when it recognizes a new memory card, the cause could be exchanged information of files like date, capacity, and entry structure, etc..

please let me know your email address, I will contact you via email
Answer by NextoDI2015-06-23
If you feel update is not working, that may be caused by camera managed modified file. Some camera manages special meta data file. This meta data file is modified from time to time.
If there are modified file, ND2901 may or may not consider the full card as a new card depend on the condition.

Check your firmware version.
If the firmware version is later than V1.04, it operate like following.

1) Modified file is NOT photo or video file and file size smaller than 512Kbyte, then it is updated.
2) Modified but file size is NOT changed, then it is updated.
3) If modified file is hidden or system file, it is updated.
Answer by Hahn2015-07-05

the firmware was 1.04 and recently updated to 1.08, which should make no difference in update function. I've posted my E-Mailadress and no response yet. Have you recieved it?
I will check for files changed by the camera itself. Would't it be easiest just to compare the picture files (raw, JPG, DNG) and ignore the rest?
Answer by NextoDI2015-07-06
it will be very difficult to check the difference by yourself.
to check the difference, we need the ND2901, the memory card, and the camera.

I guess that the deleting could make it no update.
please don't delete when you want to use 'update'.

when you record images, the images are stored as a continuous structure on memory card.

and, when you delete an image, there is an empty space in middle of the doesn't matter.
after that, when new image is stored again,
sometimes, the new image is stored at the end of the structure,
in this case, it doesn't matter,
But sometimes, the new image is stored in the empty space of the structure, this can be caused.

so, I recommend you to use without delete for update copy.
Answer by Hahn2015-07-22
Thanks for your explanation. So even when I delete the last image before I backup my pictures, and never touch the files of the day before, the pictures of today maybe saved within the space of the deleted files of the day before. This would explain the random error: sometimes update works, sometimes not.

Couldn't you change this behaviour in the update function. I never store bad pictures, I always delete them immidiatly. Otherwise I've a lot more work at home.

Update should just remember date and time of the last picture saved. And when the user puts the card again into the device, e.g. next hour or day, it should copy all newer files. You may give this function another name, e.g. 'add' and keep the original 'update' function for other purpose. Would that work for you?

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