Questions by eb-12015-04-20
ND2901 TMP Folder Error
A copy stopped when the battery ran low. When I turned the device back on (with the AC adapter) the copy error screen showed, which I know is normal. However, when I try to delete the temporary folder the errors below are displayed.

No 2101
No2 8008

I had completed 8 full copies plus one that stopped when the battery died, so the total was 502 GB on the 2TB drive (Samsung/Seagate M9T).

Of course I am able to delete the TMP folder in a computer, but don't want to waste that space on travel with no PC. I'm already using FW v1.06.


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Answer by NextoDI2015-04-20
The error code 8008 means, there are error in the file system which prevents erasing the TMP folder.
ND2901 updaet file system information at very specific short time frame. So there are little chance of file system break, but that is not zero percent.
That small percent happened in this time.

In this case, you need to format the ND2901 at the menu of ND2901 to remove the TMP folder.

Be sure to backup your data to the computer or other driver using SYNC before doing fomat.
Answer by eb-12015-04-21
Thank you very much! There was a file system error that I fixed from the computer and then was able to delete the TMP folder. I think the Nexto shuts off very quickly when the power is too low and maybe that corrupts the file system.


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