Questions by Gottfried Specht2015-03-01
[ND2901] Error message No. 20B0 when copying from USB stick
When copying from an USB-Stick, I get an Error message No. 20B0 with 2nd No. 4718 or 471C on may ND2901.
On next start it Displays "Previous Copy Fail 1265 Files 11.7GB"
The stick is Leef iBridge 128GB, FAT32 formatted.
The biggest file to be copied has about 580 MB.
On 4 attempts, the actual amount of data transferred varies:
1. 825 files, 5.73 GB
2. 126 files, 322 MB
3. 697 files, 3.95 GB
4. 1081 files, 7.89 GB
Is this a hard- or Software failure? What can I do?
Many thanks for your help.
Best regards,
Gottfried Specht

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Answer by NextoDI2015-03-06
the error is happend when the USB communication is failed.
please let me know your email address.
I will contact you.


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